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How to dress your bifold or patio doors

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Bifold doors have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years creating an illusion of space in open plan living areas such as kitchens or dining areas and brightening up your home.

Perfect for the Summer months to expand the open space in your home, they are the ultimate home must-have and the envy of many! Helping to bring ‘the outdoors in’, you can enjoy BBQs with friends, pool days with the kids or peaceful Summer evenings with your bifold doors wide open, letting fresh air circulate your home.

2020 has been the year of Crittall doors and windows, creating an industrial, yet stylish effect to your home. Used to create different zones within your home without compromising on light or space or as an alternative to bifold doors at the back of your home, the trend looks sets to stay for 2021.

Duette blinds for bifold doors

Despite the advantages of bifold and Crittall doors, many of our customers wish to dress them but are unsure on where to start without compromising on the illusion of space and light. We’ve created a guide to help inspire you and give you ideas on how to dress your doors to give your home the finishing touches.

What blinds do you put on bifold doors?

One of the simplest ways to dress your doors, roller blinds can either be rolled completely up for the day, completely down for when you want more privacy in the evenings or halfway for when the Sun is shining through.

Choose a sheer, white fabric to complement glossy, modern kitchens and dining areas, an opaque fabric for kitchens with a darker colour scheme or a bold, bright print for a standout feature, there is an extensive range of fabrics to choose from to match your décor.

For a super sleek finish, there are also cassette options, including fully enclosed or open fascia, so you can customise your blinds to suit you. Partner with a blackout blind to help darken your room further and provide that perfect evening ambience too.

Roller blinds with full fascia cassette

Day and night blinds

One option to consider for dressing your bifold doors would be day and night blinds. These stunning blinds have become more popular over the last couple of year due to their versatility and style. Made up of transparent and opaque strips of fabric, you can have complete control over the amount of light that comes into your room as well as privacy.

Similar to a roller blind, you can choose to completely roll your blind up without any excess fabric so you can have unobstructed views and space or you can roll down to maximise on your privacy, particularly in the evenings if your back garden is overlooked.

Different from a roller blind which is a single piece of fabric, day and night blinds are constructed of two layers which work in harmony together to give an open and close effect which works great at blocking out the glare from the sun. This means, particularly in the Summer months, the temperature of your room can be easily regulated and you can enjoy more time in your open plan kitchen or dining area!

Allusion blinds

The newest addition to our product range, allusion blinds are the perfect window styling for bifolding doors, patio doors and open plan living.

A contemporary take on traditional vertical blinds, allusion blinds are the epitome of style combined with practicality, giving you the best of both worlds. A lightweight fabric which is both opaque and sheer when the louvres are turned, coming in a range of swatches comprising of soft greys, whites amongst others, as well as the ability to be fully drawn back to one side, allusion blinds are the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Allusion blinds are also easily dry-cleaned, so you won’t need to think about replacing your fabrics to retain that fresh and clean look.

Allusion blinds

Tracked shutters are a stunning statement option for bifolding or patio doors. Your shutters can operate smoothly across to one side independently to the door behind them with a variety of ways to style. Open completely when your doors are fully open, close completely for a modern finish, a great option if you preferred a more integrated look without loose fabrics or concertina back for a more decorative, stylish look and feel.

Tracked shutters are also perfect as room dividers without the need for harsh walls, bringing style, modernity and brightness to your home.

Tracked shutters

If you really want to create a feature for your bifold or patio doors and love the look of curtains, you can dress your blinds or shutters alongside curtains to complement your style, particularly if you are not keen on the modern look of bifolds. The possibilities for look and style are endless, so you can really create something unique and personal to you.

We have hundreds of fabrics for you to choose from and our specialists will be able to work with you, advise and guide you through your options to find what you love.

Can I motorise my blinds?

Yes, all our blinds solutions, including our new allusion blinds, for bifold and patio doors can be fully motorised meaning you can have the luxury of closing your blinds from anywhere in your home from a remote. The operating system is fully integrated for a sleek finish, so with or without motorisation your blinds will take on a flawless minimalistic look.

Our roller and day and night blinds can also be controlled via wifi through an app system, so if you like to have all your home applications controlled through a single system, this option might be for you!

If you would like to know more about dressing your bifold or patio doors, why not book an appointment with us at or give us a call on 020 3488 4271 (Home Counties & London) or 01634 907 020 (Kent) and we can discuss your options with you.

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