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Living room tier on tier shutters

Window Shutters Welwyn


Specialists in Welwyn Garden City in supplying and fitting bespoke window shutters, blinds and curtains to suit every room in your home.


Plantation shutters
Welwyn Garden City

With stunning lakes and plenty of activities for families and friends, Welwyn Garden City is a bustling town. From traditional terraced homes to spacious family homes, Welwyn Garden City properties have a unique character. At Feather & Grey Interiors, we believe styling homes with window shutters really helps bring the finishing touches to any home, whether you are looking to modernise your Welwyn Garden City property or retain its character, we can work with you to make this happen. 

From full height shutters, perfect for Victorian windows, to cafe height shutters, bay window shutters and solid panel shutters, we can work with you to find the perfect window styling solution to suit any room in your home. For even the most unique windows, shaped shutters are also a fantastic option and we work with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the final look and feel. 

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We are a family-run business specialising in made to measure window shutters, window blinds and curtains, based in St Albans, just outside of Welwyn Garden City.  We’re passionate about designing and installing premium bespoke window shutters, blinds and curtains that transform any room in your home. With over 15 years experience in the carpentry and joinery industry as well as working for some of the biggest window styling companies in the country, we are able to provide a bespoke solution specifically for your home.  

We take pride in the quality of our window shutters, so we only use a solid hardwood and no MDF. Our design consultants are also our installers so you can have peace of mind your vision will be brought to life from the beginning, with our team working with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your new wooden window shutters.

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It's important to choose the right window styling to suit your home and desired decor. Our shutter specialists will be able to talk you through your options and help you choose the right window shutter style for you. 

Tier on Tier living room shutters


Brass Shutter Hinges

At Feather & Grey Interiors, we understand our homes are a representation of our personalities and styles, somewhere we can relax, enjoy happy times with friends and families and be our true selves. That's how we know the importance of ensuring each customer has the confidence and knowledge to personalise their window stylings to mirror their interior design and personality. 

Each home is unique and each customer is unique and we strive to ensure every need is met to the highest standards.

Personalising your shutters couldn't be easier. Once you've established the style of shutter you wish to to go for, there are plenty of ways to make your window styling personal to you



You can choose:

  • Louvre size - our louvres come in 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm. 

  • Colour - we have a wide range of colours, from classic off-white to pastels and wood stains; the choice is yours. We also offer a colour match service if you would like a shade completely bespoke to you. 

  • Hinges - we have a range of hinge colour options to choose from to match your interiors, including hidden hinge. 

  • Mechanism - we offer hidden mechanism, Clearview, tilt rod and off-centre tilt rod.

Alternatively, you may choose to combine shutters with blinds throughout your home. We have a wide range of blinds to suit every room in your home.


Shutter louvres and colours demonstrated in a home against a coffee table

White wooden shutters complementing beautiful neutral decor...

Our customer Jade of @home_on_the_commons wanted a simple solution to complement her neutral interior of creams, nudes and browns.

She opted for our solid hardwood shutters in white throughout with a 76mm louvre and fully integrated hinges. A great option for a sleek finish and one which is not readily available on the market. 

She also opted for a uPVC shutter in the bathroom - our recommendation and the ideal solution for more moisture-rich environments to ensure longevity.

We've followed Jade's renovation journey from the beginning and we are delighted to have been involved in such a beautiful project. 

Corner of a living room with chair, rug, cushions and full height shutters


Write to us or give us a call now, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation and help out with any questions you may ask.

Cafe height shutters
Full height shutters with curtains and large arm chair

Shutters can complement other window stylings too...

Our customer already had curtains in her home, but wanted an additional layer of privacy and light control when the curtains were open. Our solid hardwood shutters were the perfect solution!

She decided to go ahead with full height shutters with a split in the louvres to mirror the design of the windows. This means she can angle the louvres differently throughout the day depending on how the light is streaming through the window.  

Fully integrated hinges also gave a sleek appearance so as not to overcomplicate the window decor given the additional curtain styling. 

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