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A bedroom with solid panel wooden shutters



Seen most frequently within Victorian and Georgian city townhouses and more traditional homes, solid panel shutters are unique due to their sophisticated aesthetic nature and practical benefits. 

A white bedroom with panelling behind the bed and solid panel wooden shutters

What Are Solid Panel Shutters?

Solid panel shutters are as their name suggests; a solid panel of wood that covers the entirety of a selected window area, which can be designed as full height, tier on tier or cafe style shutter depending on the level of privacy required. They are also suitable for use on doors as a tracked shutter and bifolded back to create a beautiful aesthetic feature and access to the door.


We can also design them so that the solid panel features solely on the bottom half of the shutter with louvres on the top so there can be flexibility with light and privacy. Their versatile nature means they also make great room dividers.


The panel of wood allows very little light to transmit through which means they are a stylish and practical window dressing for bedrooms or kerb-facing living rooms. With exceptional insulating properties as well as sound reduction, their functional benefits outweigh many other window stylings. Traditionally seen in townhouses within built up areas, their popularity has increased over the years and they are suitable for any window within your home.


Cafe style solid panel shutters can also be partnered with other window dressings such as Roman blinds or curtains to create a beautiful feature within your home. Discover our range of fabrics for our handmade curtains here or browse our range of blinds



Insulation, sound-reduction and room-darkening benefits

Ideal for bedrooms particularly within built up areas and a great alternative to blackout blinds or curtains. 


Not many window dressings beat the sophistication and style that solid panel shutters do. 




A beautiful solution for windows, French doors or room dividers for almost any room in your home. 

A bed against wooden panelling with a wooden bedside table, small lamp and solid panel shutters.
Large Victorian windows dressed with white wooden solid panel shutters next to a piano.


Solid hardwood is the most suitable material for solid panel shutters. The weight of the shutter means the material used needs to be durable and sturdy to reduce strain on the hinges and ensure a long-lasting window dressing. 


Available in two different styles as well as the same paints and stains as our other shutter ranges. A range of hinge options are also available which can really help add the finishing touches to your solid panel shutters. 

Different rooms with different styles? Take a look at our beautiful range of blinds or be inspired by our curtains and fabrics to help bring your vision to life.

Have a question? Check out our blog for answers to popular questions as well as inspiration and ideas!

A grey Roman blind above a sink with artifical flowers on the window sill.

"Beautiful shutters fitted in nearly every room in my home" - Lucy A

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