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A modern kitchen with skylight and bifold windows dressed with concealed blinds



Elevate your home into a new level of style and sophistication. We are proud to be able to deliver Blindspace® innovative solutions for concealing blinds and recess curtain tracks within your home. Discover more…

A dining room with wraparound bifold doors with concealed blinds

What Are Concealed Blinds?

Simply put, concealed blinds are blinds which can be hidden inside the wall or ceiling, using a specially designed aluminium box, creating a minimalistic and sleek appearance above your windows. Side boxes can be used to create 100% blackout which is a great solution for bedrooms and nurseries. 


Bottom-up blinds can also be concealed in windows and gables to conceal wires or blind side channels. 


Particularly popular for large windows, bifold doors, gable ends or skylight windows, concealed blinds really help open up your living space and create a sense of luxury within your home.


Curtain tracks can also be concealed within the ceiling or wall, so no poles are visible. All boxes are fitted as close to the window as possible to minimise any gaps on the sides of the blinds.


Each box is made completely bespoke to your window and blinds, with colour-matching available to ensure a seamless look with any interior design. 


Popular with those embarking on a self build, architects and interior designers, concealed blinds will help bring a new level of luxury to your home. 




There is no doubt concealed blinds and curtains elevate your window stylings to a whole different class; chic and with effortless sophistication, let your blinds and curtains become as one with your interiors. 

The Perfect Solution...

...for gable ends and skylight windows. These windows can be difficult to dress. Concealed blinds are sleek and discreet, whilst still allowing your beautiful windows to be the true feature of your home. 



100% Blackout...

...can be achieved due to the light-eliminating side boxes, which is the perfect solution for bedrooms and nurseries. 

Bathroom with white bathtub, looking out to the garden with concealed roller blind
Office windows dressed with concealed double roller blinds


Concealed blinds are not only suitable for residential properties, but also commercial spaces as well. 


Office windows in particular can be difficult to dress due to their large size, with a need for discretion combined with practicality without impeding into the working office space. 

Hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises within the leisure landscape may also require specialist window styling solutions whether that’s blinds, curtains or a combination of the two.


At Feather & Grey Interiors, no window is impossible to dress and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to find the perfect window dressing. 


Blindspace® solutions for concealing blinds and curtains are an ideal solution for these properties, working seamlessly with larger windows, creating a minimalistic appearance and working almost at one with the window.


The perfect way to control light and privacy for modern commercial spaces. 


Ever visited a hotel or restaurant and marvelled at how sophisticated and sleek their drapes looked, integrating seamlessly and luxuriously within the interior?


We can bring this level of luxury to your home with Blindspace® unique solutions to recess drapery systems and provide a fully integrated styling solution. 


Create a statement that will give your home the ‘wow’ factor and become the pinnacle of luxury, bringing 5 star opulence straight into your own home.  


Once installed, the curtain tracks fully blend in flush with the ceiling, creating a minimalist look - a solution many of our customers and architects wish they had known about before embarking on their build!


Contact us today and discover how we can bring the next level of luxury to your home…

Neutral bedroom with recessed curtains and curtain track

Different rooms with different styles? Take a look at our beautiful range of blinds or be inspired by our curtains and fabrics to help bring your vision to life.

Have a question? Check out our blog for answers to popular questions as well as inspiration and ideas!

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"Beautiful shutters fitted in nearly every room in my home" - Lucy A

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