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A grey living room with large patio doors with closed grey pleated blinds



Our range of pleated/honeycomb blinds are where elegance meets efficiency. These blinds are more than just window coverings; they're a revolution in design that combines sophisticated style with energy-saving innovation.

Kitchen patio doors dressed with open pleated blinds


Pleated honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, are a window styling that marries both form and function. 


These blinds feature a unique cellular or honeycomb structure formed by two or more layers of fabric joined at pleats. The cells create individual pockets that trap air, acting as a natural insulator to regulate indoor temperatures. 


This design not only enhances energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer through windows but also provides effective sound insulation.


With the cost of living continuing to rise, a better insulated home will help reduce heating and cooling bills during the Summer and Winter months. 



Energy Efficiency

Pleated honeycomb blinds are known for their excellent insulation properties. The honeycomb-shaped cells trap air, creating a thermal barrier between the window and the room. This helps in maintaining a more consistent indoor temperature, reducing the need for heating or cooling, and ultimately lowering energy bills.

Light Control/UV Protection

Pleated honeycomb blinds can be adjusted to filter or block out light entirely, providing a comfort for any room in your home. They can also block a significant amount of harmful UV rays, helping to protect furniture, flooring, and other interior items from fading or damage caused by sun exposure.



Noise Reduction

The honeycomb cells also help reduce noise from outside, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

A white bath in a bathroom with a gable end window dressed with bottom up pleated blinds
Open plan kitchen with patio doors dressed with grey pleated blinds


Though a touch of a button, let daylight flood into your room in the morning or shut the dark evenings out at night. Your pleated or honeycomb blinds can be fully motorised enabling ease of use and the ‘wow’ factor to your home. 

Enquire at your design consultation for more information. Book here!


Conservatories and orangeries:

Enjoy your conservatory or orangery for longer, whilst modernising this often overlooked room in your home, with pleated or honeycomb blinds, which will help regulate the heat during those warmer days and provide insulation for the cooler months.

Gable end or skylight windows:

These windows can be difficult to dress due to their location within your home. Pleated blinds are the ideal solution to block out sunlight which often floods through these windows, keeping you and your home cool.

Different rooms with different styles? Take a look at our beautiful range of blinds or be inspired by our curtains and fabrics to help bring your vision to life.

Have a question? Check out our blog for answers to popular questions as well as inspiration and ideas!

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