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A modern kitchen with marble worktops, silver serving plate and white shutters.



Specifically designed for tall windows, bifold or patio doors, our tracked shutters are a unique window styling solution for your home. 

Large apartment patio doors dressed with tracked shutters.

What Are Tracked Shutters?

Tracked shutters are an innovative tracked system whereby shutters panels are attached to a specially designed track at the top and bottom which allow them to glide effortlessly along. Specifically designed for large openings, floor to ceiling windows, bifold or patio doors, they are a stylish solution for both privacy and light control. The easy sliding mechanism also allows you easy access to your doors and window openings. 


The tracked shutter mechanism means the the panels can rotate up to 180 degrees, creating a beautiful aesthetic feature when bifolded back, but also allowing you free access to windows and doors. Unlike some blinds or curtains, when closed, tracked shutters create a seamless finish without imposing on the room, allowing you to make the most of the space you have. 


Tracked shutters are child-friendly: the easy to clean louvres means any dirty marks can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth; when closed, they remain flat against the window or door meaning no lose fabrics to trip on, pull on or make dirty and no loose cords to become wrapped around. The ideal window styling for open plan family living!


Our tracked shutters also make a stylish and practical room divider to help create different spaces within your home when required. 




The ideal, family-friendly shutter solution for large windows and doors.


Add a dynamic and stylish touch to your open plan living.




Allows flexibility with the amount of light entering your living space through large windows or doors where privacy is usually required most.

White tracked shutters over patio doors in a kitchen.
Bifold shutters on apartment doors looking onto a balcony.


Solid hardwood is the most suitable material for tracked shutters due to its durability and strength. Given the size of the shutters, solid hardwood doesn’t put pressure on the hinges, unlike cheaper materials such as MDF, which could lead to the panels becoming loose or even falling off.  


Available in the same beautiful paints and stains as all our shutter styles as well as a range of louvre sizes, hinges and louvre mechanism options, you can really create a versatile and beautiful window styling solution.


Our tracked shutters are not available in tier on tier due to their size. 

Different rooms with different styles? Take a look at our beautiful range of blinds or be inspired by our curtains and fabrics to help bring your vision to life.

Have a question? Check out our blog for answers to popular questions as well as inspiration and ideas!

A grey Roman blind above a sink with artifical flowers on the window sill.

"Beautiful shutters fitted in nearly every room in my home" - Lucy A

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