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A curved window with privacy window film



At Feather & Grey Interiors, we are passionate about enhancing the beauty and functionality of your spaces, leaving you able to relax and enjoy well deserved comfort in your own home, 


Highly practical with an aesthetically pleasing finish, our collection of window films are designed with luxury and versatility in mind, available in a variety of design options. From sleek, modern films that offer privacy and UV protection to decorative styles that add a touch of elegance, we provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.


Privacy window film on windows in a home

Why choose window films?

Whether you’re looking to add a contemporary touch to your home, require some privacy from the busy street outside or need help regulating the indoor temperature of your home, window films can be the solution you are looking for.

Window films can also help protect your interiors, such as furniture or wall hangings from fading with their anti- UV qualities as well as protection from outside glare.  


For more reasons as to why awnings make a great addition to any home, visit our blog:

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white tier on tier shutters in a living room with house plant

Looking for a combination of window stylings for your home?

Check out our beautiful range of Shutters Blinds and Curtains to cater to all your interior design needs.

Have a question? Check out our blog for answers to popular questions as well as inspiration and ideas!


Although window films are suitable for almost all spaces, you may be in need of some inspiration for how window films can help you.

Entrance Hallways

Frosted films are ideal for sidelights and transom windows near front doors, offering privacy without compromising light. Decorative films with intricate designs can create a welcoming and stylish first impression for visitors.


Window films are an ideal window style for bathrooms as they add privacy without sacrificing natural light. They can also tolerate high humidity levels. They are a cost-effective alternative to frosted glass which is often seen in bathrooms.

Living Areas

With a wide range of designs and functionalities to choose from, you can choose a window film that blends with the aesthetics of your living area whilst offering privacy and filtration of natural light, making them perfect for your lounge or living room.


Conservatories often experience intense sunlight, leading to excessive heat and discomfort. Window films, with reflective or tinted finishes are highly beneficial to increase comfort in these spaces.

Office Spaces

Whether it be a home office or office for your employees, window films provide anti-glare qualities particularly beneficial for reducing eye strain and enhancing screen visibility, essential for productivity.

A conservatory with UV window films on skylights
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