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Are Shutters Worth The Cost?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Shutters are usually associated with being a pretty big expense with many people opting for cheaper options for styling their windows, such as blinds, without exploring the advantages of shutters and whether they are truly worth the cost.

Whilst blinds may look great and meet your requirements for style, privacy and light control, the advantages of shutters are multifaceted and it’s worth understanding more about whether they are right for you or not! This article is designed to help you make the decision as to whether shutters are right for you and your home.

Tier on tier white wooden shutters

Why choose window shutters?

From the flexibility of privacy and light to added insulation and security, there are many advantages to choosing window shutters. Visit our blog post: 5 reasons to choose window shutters for an insight into why shutters are so popular. Over the last 10 years, the popularity of shutters has soared, now being seen as the window dressing of choice. So are they really worth the cost?

Are shutters worth the cost?

When looking at styling your windows, you will usually have the choice of shutters, blinds or curtains depending on your preferences and room you’re styling. However the cost of your window styling, particularly if you’re looking to style all your windows throughout your home will be a significant deciding factor! The usual conundrum we find our customers in is whether to choose between shutters and blinds, given their similarities in style and function, bringing into question whether shutters are worth the cost premium vs. blinds. Here’s why they’re worth it:

White wooden window shutter from the inside with a kitten on the window sill

  • Window shutters are an investment: Shutters are an investment piece given their longevity vs other window stylings, particularly blinds. Shutters are usually compared with wooden Venetian blinds and although the styling is similar, the longevity isn’t.

Our shutters are made from a premium solid hardwood, a sturdy and long-lasting material, which is FSC certified, guaranteeing a stunning interior feature in your home. Other companies may use MDF, which is a cheaper material and therefore comes with a cheaper price tag, however there is a strong likelihood these shutters will need to be replaced at some point in the future given MDF is a less hardy material and is prone to moisture damage, particularly in moisture-rich areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Investing in solid hardwood shutters (or uPVC for bathrooms or wet rooms) means you won’t need to worry about the future! All our shutters are made to measure, so our shutter specialists will visit your home and take your window measurements, ensuring an accurate and seamless fit. Once installed, you can have peace of mind that your window styling has been made to the highest quality, fit to the highest of standards and well worth the investment.

  • Window shutters are timeless: Originating from Ancient Greece, shutters tended to be used for more practical reasons to shield homes from sun and rain. Traditionally they were made from marble, but as time went on, the demand for shutters grew, which meant wood was considered as an alternative material to help supply the growing demand.

Over time, shutters became popular in America, where they would be fitted on properties across the country’s cotton plantations, fashioning the term ‘plantation shutters’ – one which is used most commonly in recent times.

Nowadays, plantation shutters are seen as a more aesthetic feature which greatly increases kerb appeal, particularly when all front facing windows have them! Despite the slight shift in purpose, shutters have become a timeless feature of many homes. From modern new builds to traditional Edwardian homes, shutters have the ability to enhance the aesthetic nature of any home and remain in keeping with the property style.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to shutters; the different styles, slat sizes and colours are all changeable features utilised to create the style our customers want. The most popular colour we see our customers choose is white; the benefit of this being it suits almost any décor in your home and the classic, timeless nature of this colour means you won’t need to worry about replacing when you decide to redecorate or if you’ve just moved into a new property.

Throughout the years, your interior design may change, but the timelessness of your shutters won’t, so unless you are looking for a complete overhaul, you can rest assured you won’t need to change your window stylings whenever you decide to repaint your home!

  • Window shutters are versatile: Although shutters are a fantastic feature on their own, giving you privacy and allowing flexible light control, some customers choose to layer with other window stylings to create a feature in their room, most popular in living rooms and bedrooms.

The versatility of shutters means they can be paired with both blinds and curtains to create a real feature. Bedrooms or nurseries sometimes require an extra layer of blackout, particularly useful in the Summer months with the early morning sunshine, so pairing shutters with a blackout roller blind will ensure you maintain the internal and external aestheticism of shutters, whilst increasing the level of darkness when you need it most.

Alternatively, popular in Victorian homes, solid panel shutters will allow complete blackout once closed allowing a seamless look and feel to your room. These too create a real showstopper of a feature in many homes when paired with curtains, emphasizing the home’s natural heritage and style.

Can shutters work with shaped windows? Yes! Shutters are also the perfect solution to dressing shaped windows where you want to gain privacy yet retain the shape of the window. All our shutters are completely made to measure so we can ensure they are the perfect fit for almost any window! Our shutter specialists can work with you to show you your options on how to best dress your shaped windows.

How ever you choose to style your windows with shutters, whether that’s alonor paired with blinds or curtains, the options are endless. You can choose to keep it simple or get as creative as you wish!

  • Window shutters can add value to your home: Many people ask ‘will shutters help add value to my home?’. The answer is ‘yes’. The importance of kerb appeal is never in question when looking to sell your home and stand out from the rest.

Your windows are one of the most important features to ensure your home is looking beautiful from the outside, giving a great first impression to prospective buyers and a lasting impression. As well as ensuring your windows are clean, adding shutters can create a fresh finish to your home, dramatically increasing your kerb appeal. Estate agents may use this feature as a selling point in your home description, which is an attractive proposition to potential buyers.

Although it’s difficult to quantify the exact added value shutters can bring to your home as this will also depend on many other factors such as garden space, a modern kitchen and bathroom amongst others, it’s no doubt that kerb appeal is an important factor when valuing a property.

Furthermore, homes with very little ‘work’ required can also be a selling point for many buyers who are looking to move straight into a home without significant renovations and initial investments. White shutters are a neutral, yet versatile window dressing and can put potential buyers’ minds at rest that they will be inheriting an investment piece and won’t need to replace any time soon.

  • Easy to maintain: No investment needed in special cleaning equipment or expensive dry cleaning bills if spillages arise. Easy to wipe clean and dust using a usual duster, there is no additional cost required when you want to give your shutters a little spring clean!

Black bathroom shutters

When to buy shutters during a renovation?

Project managing a complete renovation can be a stressful process; ensuring you have accounted for everything within budget and timeframes, managing multiple trades and ever-changing decisions, it can be easy to leave things to the last minute or forget about them altogether!

Purchasing window stylings is one of the most important elements to add the finishing touches to your renovation and ensuring this is included within your time plan and budget will mean you aren’t left with bare windows whilst you wait for your blinds or shutters to arrive or have to compromise on a cheaper quality or style!

Whilst we offer a temporary blinds service where we are happy to fit temporary blinds to your windows to ensure you have the privacy you need, lead times for shutters can range from 8-10 weeks, so make sure this is included within your time plan, so we are able to fit these as soon as you are ready. If you are replacing your windows, we advise to wait until these are fully fitted before we come and measure so we can ensure our measurements and final quote is accurate. Our shutter specialists are able to work to your timings to make the process as stress-free as possible!

If you would like to book a free design consultation, then give us a call on 020 3488 4271 or 01634 907020 (Kent and SE London) and we can arrange a suitable date for you. Alternatively, complete our contact form or send us an email and we will call you back!

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