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5 Reasons To Choose Window Shutters

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Over the last couple of years, window shutters have grown in popularity due to their style and great feature addition to the home. If you are still in two minds as to whether shutters are the right window styling for you, here are 5 reasons that might help you make up your mind:

Full height white wooden window shutters

1) Privacy

Shutters are a fantastic solution to adding some privacy to your home. Perfect for windows close to pavements or those overlooked by neighbours, have peace of mind that whilst you’re relaxing in your home, it’s only the sunlight that’s coming through your windows!

Given the flexibility of shutters, you are able to open, close or strategically position the louvres to maximise privacy when you need it most.

If your front windows are positioned above kerb height and you require only partial privacy, shutters offers you flexibility to retain privacy on part of your windows, whilst maximising light through the rest. Cafe style shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but a great functional solution to this.

On the other hand, if privacy is your #1 priority, full height or tier on tier shutters will allow you to completely block out any unwanted attention and adjust as required. Bathrooms are usually the main room within your home where this is the case and where customers require a little more privacy over and above what frosted glass can offer. Closing the bottom louvres of your shutters, whilst keeping the top open will allow you to retain much needed privacy as well as keeping your bathroom bright.

2) Light Control

There is a misconception that shutters may make a room darker, however this is not the case. Shutters are perfect for when the sunlight is streaming directly through your windows, but you still want to keep the room bright, the flexibility and angles of the louvres allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your requirements.

Completely open your shutters for maximum light into your room or close completely when the daylight is coming to an end. Tier on tier shutters are a great solution for those awkward sunlight angles too as the mechanism allows you to adjust the top or bottom panels separately, so you can still maintain the level of light, but without the direct glare of the Sun. This will also allow to keep your home cooler in the Summer months. Alternatively, full height shutters with a mid rail or louvre split that can separate the louvres can also give you this same benefit.

The colour of the shutters you choose will also have an impact on how bright your room looks. Choosing white shutters can actually enhance the brightness of any room. Alternatively, if you want to create a darker, cosier living space, dark grey or black shutters beautifully complement the increasingly popular decorative bathrooms to create a calming and cosy ambience or to create a statement with darker fitted furniture in bedrooms or living rooms.

Black wooden shutters in a white bedroom above a black set of draws

3) Insulation

Plantation shutters originated from ancient Greece when they were used to protect properties from the elements of wind, sun and rain. They then grew in popularity around Mediterranean Europe before becoming a key feature for many homes, which is most commonly seen today. Shutters are great at giving your home an extra layer of insulation due to the covering of the window or door and blocking out any unwanted drafts.

They also work well in the Summer months by reflecting the sun’s rays and regulating the heat temperature in your room, whilst potentially helping to bring down your energy bills in the Winter by providing additional insulation.

4) Added security

Acting as a deterrent to unwanted visitors due to their sturdier nature and functionality when opening, shutters can help give your home added security.

5) Style

With a variety of different styles and colours to choose from, the styling possibility of shutters are almost endless! Not only do they help enhance kerb appeal, but make your home look stunning from the inside too. Whether you want a super sleek modern look or a traditional countryside feel, shutters are versatile and their appeal timeless. Colour match with your décor or choose the classic white, interior shutters can truly turn your house into a home.

Now you’ve established whether shutters are the right window styling for you, why not check out our blog A Guide To Choosing Window Shutters For Your Home where we take you through the various elements to consider and explore the possibilities of window shutters! If you would like to know more about shutters and book a free design consultation, why not contact us. Our shutter specialists are more than happy to answer any questions and work with you to find the perfect solution for you and your home.

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