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Choosing window shutters for your kitchen or bathroom

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Whether you’re looking for window stylings throughout your home or you are just looking for a unique solution for your bathroom or kitchen, the options feel endless! We make understanding the different requirements for these moisture-rich areas easy. If you are in two minds about whether you want shutters or blinds, our blog is designed to help guide you to create the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom, kitchen or wet room.

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Why choose window shutters?

There are many benefits to having shutters in your home. From their classic style, versatility or flexibility in controlling the amount of privacy or light coming into your home, it’s no wonder these beautiful window stylings have been growing in popularity.

Perfect for complementing ultra-modern homes with their sleek look and colour-match ability, ideal for matching even the very latest on-trend paints; or partnering with more traditional features or style, creating real kerb appeal on cottages or older buildings.

If you’re still debating as to whether shutters are the right choice for your and your home, why not give our blog ‘5 Reasons To Choose Window Shutters’ a read. We cover a multitude of ways choosing shutters could improve your home – from increasing kerb appeal to helping you save money on energy bills!

Choosing shutters for your kitchen and bathroom

Choosing a window styling in your kitchen or bathroom can sometimes prove a troublesome one! These areas are prone to excess moisture through condensation and steam, spillages and splatters. Having a styling solution that has longevity, is low maintenance, easy to clean and can stand the test of time against food splats and steam is of utmost importance.

Whether you’re completely renovating your home or just looking to install some new stylings for a refresh, many of our customers find it difficult to find a solution that is consistent with the interior design of the rest of their home and end up making do with a quick fix!

Whilst our FSC-certified solid hardwood shutters are ideal for the rest of your home, materials such as these are prone to damage from moisture-rich areas and can sometimes swell, causing the wood to become misshapen. Not only is this unpleasant from an aesthetic perspective, but it also means you would need to replace to avoid any further damage. Over time, this could become quite costly and something your bank balance needn’t take a hit for.

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Our uPVC shutters are specifically designed for damper rooms such as bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens. An incredibly durable material that can withstand the humidity from a long shower in the bathroom; the steam from cooking dinner or take a bashing from an over-enthusiastic kitchen sink tap!

Our uPVC shutters also come in the same range of colours as our solid hardwood shutters, so we can ensure they are consistent with the rest of your home, ideal for open plan living. Alternatively we can colour match to specific colour palettes if required. Feature bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular with an array of bright patterns, tropical themes or funky designs littering the Instagram feeds of our favourite home inspiration accounts.

Don’t be afraid to colour match your shutters to really emphasize your theme and put the finishing touch to your bathroom.

Will waterproof shutters last?

Absolutely! Whether it’s our solid hardwood shutters or waterproof uPVC shutters, we endeavour to use the highest quality materials, which means our shutters are built to last, particularly when compared with cheaper materials such as MDF.

The versatility and longevity of shutters means you can decorate your home over and over and won’t need to worry about replacing them.

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Blinds vs. shutters for my bathroom and kitchen?

Blinds are a fantastic, versatile window styling in which we offer an almost endless selection of fabrics and colours to choose from with many customers choosing to have blinds throughout their homes. Selecting the right window styling for you is a very personal choice with many factors to take into consideration, however, there are several reasons why kitchens and particularly bathrooms may be better suited to shutters.

You can open your window

Given the humid environment of bathrooms and kitchens, you will probably find yourself opening the windows more often than you would in other parts of your home. By opening the louvres, plantation shutters allow you to retain the balance of privacy and light, even when your window is open, so you can let the cooking smells or bathroom steam out and allow fresh air to circulate your home without needing to compromise.

Alternatively, if you did want full access to an open window, plantation shutters give you the option of opening completely.

They are easy to clean

You don’t need to be a Mrs Hinch cleaning extraordinaire in order to keep your shutters looking brand new! Damp surfaces tend to retain dust and dirt more easily, so having a window styling which is easy and convenient to clean is paramount.

Particularly in kitchens, fabric blinds can retain food smells and hold stains, making it a more time-consuming job to keep clean. With our uPVC shutters, simply wipe with a cloth or dampen slightly if necessary and voila! No need for special cleaning products, equipment or nooks and crannies which are hard to reach.

Moisture-rich environments can occasionally run the risk of collective damp or mould in corners of your room, particularly where condensation gathers on windows. With fabric blinds or window stylings harder to clean, this may harbour and hide mould, meaning it may go unnoticed.

Shutters allow you full and easy access to clean your windows, free them from condensation or a mould infestation and not become damaged like a fabric blind may, leaving your home bright and sparkling clean! Choosing uPVC shutters over wooden for these areas also reduces the likelihood of needing to be replaced further down the line.

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Elegant and classic with the versatility to create a bespoke look to suit your home and your needs, shutters are a beautiful addition to your interior design.

Windows in bathrooms and kitchens (particularly those above the kitchen sink) tend to be smaller or have less window ledge space. Shutters are adaptable to even the smallest of windows, providing a clean and fuss-free look, compared with blinds where hanging chains may obstruct busy window sills or workspaces. Our uPVC shutters have the same look and finish as our wooden shutters, so you don’t need to compromise on style.

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All our shutters are completely bespoke, measured specifically for your windows and personalised for the style of your home. Our shutter specialists will be able to work with you to create the look you desire. Whether it’s full height, tier on tier, café style or even a solution for uniquely-shaped windows, common in attic conversions, our uPVC shutters can be as unique as your interior design. Check out our blog ‘A Guide To Choosing The Right Window Shutters For Your Home’ to see how you can personalise your shutters, bespoke to you!

Be inspired by our gallery with a wide range of bathroom designs, visit our Instagram page for more inspiration or arrange a visit from one of our shutter specialists who will take you through your options to find the perfect solution for you. We will be able to show you samples as well as bring a wealth of design knowledge to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

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