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How To Make Your Home A Healthier Space

It's the start of 2024, and what better time to take stock of your living space. Is it

a healthy and safe place? When you walk through the door, do you feel the stress leave your


A bright living room space with a lady sitting on a chair reading a magazine in front of a large bay window with shutters

Here are some tips from Suzie Wilson of Happier Home that will help promote

wellness and comfort in your own space.

Clean Your Carpets And Floors

Carpets and floors harbour a lot of dirt and germs that find their way into your lungs when

you walk through the door.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to steam your floors. This process will remove dirt and allergens that can cause asthma attacks.

Make sure the carpet cleaning service is safe for children and pets. Many services offer

green cleaning that's safe for everyone, including the environment. Also, consider having

your furniture steam-cleaned at the same time.

You can also rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself. Vacuum your carpets weekly and mop

every day to encourage a clean and healthy environment.

A lady standing in her home with indoor plants

Invest In Plants For Indoor Spaces

Investing in plants for indoor spaces is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's a step towards a healthier home.

Plants are known to purify the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen, making indoor air fresher and cleaner. Furthermore, their presence has been shown to reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance productivity, providing both physical and psychological benefits.

The diverse range of indoor plants available means that there's a plant suitable for every room, regardless of light or humidity conditions. As an added bonus, tending to these plants can serve as a therapeutic hobby, creating a deeper connection between humans and nature - even within the confines of their homes.

A living room on a sunny day with an armchair against a bay window dressed with cafe height shutters

How Window Coverings Can Make Your Home Healthier

Investing in bespoke window dressings like shutters, blinds, and curtains is an excellent way to make your home healthier.

High-quality window dressings, such as those available from Feather & Grey Interiors, can help to filter out pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles from the air, creating a more hygienic and breathable environment.

These dressings can also help to block out harmful UV rays, protecting your skin from sun damage and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

With bespoke designs that can be customized to your individual needs, you can ensure a perfect fit for your windows, allowing maximum ventilation, reducing the risk of moisture buildup, and preventing mold growth.

Overall, investing in bespoke window dressings offers a range of health benefits, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to create a healthier home environment.

Check for Asbestos

If you're concerned about the presence of asbestos in your home, a good first step is to have it checked.

By working with professionals, you'll be able to determine if asbestos is present and what should be done in order to safely remove it.

This process can help safeguard you and your family from any potential risks associated with asbestos exposure. If asbestos is found, it's important to follow all industry guidelines for removal and disposal in order to prevent further contamination.

Taking these precautions will give you peace of mind that your home is safe and free of any dangerous materials.

A hand grabbing a jar of oats from a small pantry

Organise Your Pantry

Proper organisation ensures good rotation of food and prevents spoilage, and it saves you the

headaches of having to dig around for ingredients.

To get organised, use an online label maker to generate your own labels. Then you can affix the labels throughout the pantry, ensuring that everything has a place. This will also help make putting the groceries away more straightforward.

Renovate Your Outdoor Living Area

Consider making your outdoor living area into a dream space if you're looking for home

improvement projects to add value.

Start with landscaping and look at the different grass types and soil for your garden. You can also add a chiminea or fire pit to make outdoor time more enjoyable. You might need to have your property graded before making landscape changes. If so, do a search online for landscapers and connect with contractors in your area. Before hiring a company, read reviews online and do your research.

An outdoor space with furniture and outdoor firepit

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home can have a significant impact on your mood and overall well-being.

A cluttered home can be overwhelming and can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. By

getting rid of things you no longer need or use, you can create a more open and welcoming

space, which can make your home feel cosier and inviting.

A decluttered space can also make it easier to keep your home clean, reducing the amount of time and effort required for cleaning and maintenance. By organising your belongings and creating more space, your home can become a more positive and peaceful place to be, promoting relaxation and restfulness.

Overall, decluttering your home is a simple but effective way to transform your

living space into an oasis of comfort and positivity.

How To Make Your Home A Healthier Space

Several options to do yourself and hire a professional are available to boost the wellness of

your house.

And as a bonus, many of these suggestions will also increase the valuation of

your home when you choose to sell. So take some time to tidy up and make some strategic

upgrades for your benefit now – and your financial gain later.

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