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5 Benefits To Awnings You Might Not Know

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

As the weather starts to heat up, we can start to see the end of the wintry weather tunnel and into the fresh climates of Spring. We start to think about spending more time outdoors, perhaps cutting the grass again and generally spending more time in our gardens.

Garden shade attached to a house extended over a patio with outdoor dining area below

If you want to take advantage of your outdoor space, then having an awning installed will definitely allow you to do this. Here’s how:

What is an awning?

An awning is a piece of (usually waterproof) material that’s permanently fixed to the side or back of your house to provide protection from heat or rain. It can be permanently extended if you wish for a more constant decorative addition to your garden or retracted back to be used when required.

Our awnings also come in a range of fabrics with various different features, such as lighting, that can be added depending on what look you wish to have and your practical requirements.

View from the floor of a garden patio with an extendable shade covering an outdoor seating area

Why should I have an awning?

There’s no doubt that spending time outdoors has a positive impact upon your mental and physical health; whether that’s taking in some deep breaths of fresh morning air, going for a run or simply going for a walk, there is no better antidote to a day’s stress.

We all know the unpredictability of the British weather and taking one look outside at grey skies or a drizzle of rain is enough to convince the best of us to stay indoors. However, many of us spend our days working from home or in an air conditioned office, so a breath of fresh air is exactly what we need.

In the Summer months, our gardens can be the hub for entertaining friends and family; drinks outside, a BBQ or even dinner if the weather is particularly balmy, are all things we look forward to when the sun comes out and the temperature heats up. During our spare time, who also doesn’t like to swap the weekend Netflix binges for relaxing outside in the sunshine reading a good book, completing a crossword or having a little daytime snooze? Although we tend to spend less time in our gardens during the Autumn and Winter months, awnings also have their benefits. As an all-year round feature to your home, here are 5 benefits to having an awning for your home:

The back of a house with a garden shade attached to the house with lighting and patio furniture underneath

1) Protection from the sun or rain

Come rain or shine, awnings have their benefits for both weathers and our first reason is one you definitely will know!

There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a beautiful day, feeling the warmth and being able to relax and unwind. However, the sun’s rays, no matter how welcomed, can be harsh. When the weather gets that little too hot (particularly in South-facing gardens), we tend to retreat indoors to cooler temperatures to escape the heat or hunt out a weathered parasol from the shed or garage to provide some shade to then have to heave it around numerous times when the Sun moves throughout the day.

Given it’s a permanent solution attached directly to the side of your home, there is no need to move around as the Sun changes position. Choosing an electric operation means you can control your awning from the press of a button, so no heavy lifting involved! It also means that once you’ve had enough of the Sun’s rays, you can continue to enjoy the beautiful weather under the comfort of your awning, providing you with plenty of shade.

The unpredictability of the British weather means it can rain at almost any given moment, taking us by surprise on a Summer’s or Autumn’s day! We’ve all been in the position where one minute we’re enjoying the Sun and the next frantically gathering all our belongings and running inside only for the Sun to reappear 5 minutes later. With an awning, there is no need to go back inside and you can continue enjoying the time outside for longer, retracting the awning as you wish.

2) Protection to wooden windows and doors

The demand for wooden windows has increased over the years with more and more homes having these installed. They can help with the overall kerb-appeal of your home and give a more premium look and feel. However, over time, when wood is exposed to the elements, it can begin to become weathered and problems may occur.

An awning is a perfect way of providing extra protection to wooden windows and doors by protecting against direct exposure to the rain. You can choose to have your awning as a permanent feature or whenever the elements are particularly harsh too. If the awning is over open windows or doors, it will also prevent residual water from dripping down, helping to prevent further damage.

3) Reduces cooling costs

When the weather is particularly warm, we tend to retreat to the cooler climate of our home, however it’s not always possible to escape the heat.

Fans and portable air conditioning units can be used to help cool the home, but the cost of continuously running these throughout the day can be high. Research shows that the cost of running an air conditioning unit could be as much as 44p per hour! An awning which will help to provide much-needed shade, not only does this from the outside, but you will also feel the benefits from the inside too.

You can continue to enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about hefty energy bills and know that you and your family can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors simultaneously.

4) Privacy

The benefits of awnings don’t only apply to homes with sprawling gardens and large patio areas. Many terraced homes can also benefit from having a garden awning, particularly if closely overlooked by neighbours or tall buildings close by.

By providing a shelter over your patio or seating area in your garden or even when you’re sitting around indoors, an awning helps provide a block to those overlooking you without compromising your ability to enjoy the outdoors.

Giving a sense of privacy will mean you can relax more in your garden, whether that’s enjoying a few drinks with friends, a romantic dinner or just wanting to relax without prying eyes!

5) Protects interiors from damage

Delicate furniture fabrics, family photos and artwork can become faded and damaged with continued exposure to the Sun over time. However, you don’t want to feel compromised by the Sun whilst trying to decorate your home.

An awning creates a shade from the direct sunlight, meaning home furnishings and interiors don’t have to be exposed to direct sunlight and can remain as good as new.

Protecting outdoor furniture is also a benefit, whether that’s from rain, sun, falling leaves or bird poop, you can keep your furniture fresh without having to heave it in and out a garden shed come the evening during warm weather spells.

Extendable garden shade pulled over wooden decking in a garden

We’ve rounded up some truly great benefits to having an awning installed for your home and given its permanent nature, you can enjoy these benefits year after year.

Not only that, they come in a wide range of beautiful fabrics so can also be a stylish addition to your garden.

If you would like to find out more about awnings or are interested in having a design consultation, give us a call or complete our contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your options with you.

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